Step by Step Guide for Mini Implants

Dr. Eugene Scott offers dental implant therapy. Are you one of the users of troublesome dentures? Call today to set up an appointment to see if MDI implants are right for you. Here is a step by step process of the procedure for mini implants.

  • All patients will have their mouth examined to determine need, bone structure and options for implants. ($30- consultation, $77- X-Ray scan unless patient furnishes previous scan)
  • Note that even patients with limited amount of bone available are still eligible for mini dental implants.
  • Patients will receive a sedative to relax them during procedure
  • A small diameter implant will be placed, ranging from 2.2 mm to 3.0 mm made from an alloy of titanium, aluminum, and vanadium.
  • The implant is screwed into the bone, so there is no waiting period for the bone to heal.
  • After implant, within a time less than 30 days, teeth can be placed on implants
  • If patient opts to have teeth fixed, it will generally use about six (6) implants to complete the procedure.

5% discount (for up front cash payments). $950 per implant (includes attachment implant for removable dentures.